Air column bag for chilli sauce bottle

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Characteristics of buffering air column bag packaging:     

1. Good quality of PE+PA films, sturdy and durable, high air-tightness, protection is guaranteed.

2. SGS tested no heavy metal substance, non-toxical, air proof, moistureproof, environmental protection, it's the best option for alternation of styrofoam, EPE and paper pulp.

3. Buffering air column bag is inflated with inactive gas that leads it to fitted shape, it has below advantages:

    (1)Low cost;(2)Space saving;(3)Recyclable;(4)Reduce procedure of packaging, save man power;

    (5)Free of contamination;(6)Air proof during long distance transportation and shockproof

4. No need extra equipment, easy inflation and deflation, auto lock of valve,reusable.

5. Good elasticity, good recovery, avoid of deformation under pressure, spotless, dust free, artistic.

6. Fast inflation, easy operation, improve packing speed, save man power and cost.

7. Save customers valuable cost on packaging.

8. Specially made upon specification and shape of products, that make perfect protection of the products wrapped, so increase price competitiveness for your merchandise.

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