SMX Digital Certification Scheme Helps Enterprises Deal with UK Plastic Packaging Tax

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(Global TMT February 10, 2022) Security Matters(SMX), headquartered in Australia, is a company that focuses on digitizing physical products in blockchain to build a circular and transparent solution for a closed-loop economy. Now it can help enterprises cope with the upcoming plastic packaging tax (PPT) in the UK.

SMX's innovative delivery and non-destructive solutions allow the integration of automated and seamless processes into the supply chain, realizing the tracking and traceability of all products in the entire supply chain. All plastic recycled materials will be digitally certified, while reducing human errors by using technology-driven and automatic auditing.

SMX is joining the efforts of global sustainable development, and its innovative technology will provide enterprises with an economical solution, minimizing the financial and operational impact of additional costs to meet the new plastic tax regulations.
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