There are fewer disposable lunch boxes and plastic bags, so should e-commerce adopt plastic packagin

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Recently, Mr. Qiu, a citizen, bought two boxes of fruits online and opened them. Except for the four layers of thick foam on the surface mat, each fruit has a "customized" small room with foam. He also put on a white "small coat", which is also a plastic product. The amount of fruit is not much, but the foam package is filled with two big garbage bags: "Although it is to protect the safety in the express delivery process, is there too much foam?"
The white pollution caused by over-packaging of e-commerce has also attracted the attention of Shanghai CPPCC members. Xin Chen, Tang Yi, Zhang Xiangmin and other 16 members of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference jointly submitted the "Proposal on Strictly Restricting E-commerce's Use of Foam Packaging Materials in Express Transportation", hoping to restrict e-commerce from using plastic products by various means and increase the reuse of such materials.
In the investigation, the Committee members found that, besides fragile items such as glass products, many items that were not originally packaged with foam materials now began to use foam in large quantities. "For example, some meat, seafood and food that need to be frozen and preserved, a foam insulation box has almost become standard; Some expensive and perishable fruits, such as peaches, have specially made foam boxes. Bottled wine, edible oil, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and even pickles also have special foam boxes or are wrapped with thick foam films. " Committee members said that apart from these packages, blocky foam materials are also widely used as shock-absorbing protective materials in express boxes.
According to the investigation of Xin Chen and other members, among the foamed polymer materials, EPE and EPP have good performance but are more expensive. Although EPO can improve the protection performance and reduce the impact on the environment with less dosage and smaller packaging volume, it is mainly used for high-grade and buffer-demanding household appliances packaging. Therefore, cheap expanded polystyrene (EPS) is still the first choice of many e-commerce-the disposable plastic lunch box, which was called "white pollution" in the past, is exactly the EPS used. After a period of treatment, disposable plastic lunch boxes almost disappeared and the amount of disposable plastic shopping bags was controlled, but "white pollution" came back with the rapid development of e-commerce.
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